A well balanced dog has a title at both ends.

Ladymagic prides itself on being the home of the dual ring dog.

About Us

Ladymagic was founded in 1985 with the purchase of my first purebred dog, sheltie “Shelby” Ch & OT Ch Pumpkin Golden Dream (HIT). Margaret has a long award winning history with both shows (conformation and performance) and breeding.

About Margaret

Margaret Zacher belongs to several clubs and has also held various positions such as treasurer, event secretary, and event superintendent, etc. She regularly does fund raising for several national clubs.


Over the years, we have bred, owned or co-owned many award winning dogs. Please see a list of some of the awards we have won or our dogs have won, below. 2014 Completed “Grand Championship” on littermates at 8mts of age #1, #2, #3 Papillon Puppies in Canada (littermates) 2013 Youngest Papillon to be awarded [...]

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