Over the years, we have bred, owned or co-owned many award winning dogs. Please see a list of some of the awards we have won or our dogs have won, below.

History making – #1 Owner/Breeder/Handler Papillon in all 3 rings
Conformation-Rally-Obedience in Canada
Winner of the Papillon Canada National, Multi Best in Show,
Grand Champion Excellent, Grand Champion Bronze & Silver,
Rally Intermediate, Advance and Excellent
Multi High in Trial in Obedience, completing CD and CDX

TrickDog Champion (canada) and TrickDog Expert USA

USA championship in 2 weekends,
USA Rally Novice 3 straight, Canada Rally Novice
Top Rally Winner at Canadian National

History Winning Top Papillon Puppy for the breed (most points in 1 yr)
#8 Papillon (Conformation) – winner of National/Regional Award of Merit,
Multi Best Puppy in Show, Best Puppy in Specialty – Grand Champion

Canada – #3 Japanese Chin (Conformation) & #2 Papillon (Rally)

Completed “Grand Championship” on littermates at 8mts of age
#1, #2, #3 Papillon Puppies in Canada (littermates)

Canada #3 Papillon and #6 Rally (same papillon)

Completed “Grand Championship” on littermates at 8mts of age
#1, #2, #3 Papillon Puppies in Canada (littermates)

Youngest Papillon to be awarded “Grand Championship”

1st and 2nd Papillon to be awarded “Grand Champion Excellent”

#1 Papillon in Canada
#7 Toy Dog in Canada
#1 Japanese Chin in Canada
Several Best In Shows

#3 Male Papillon in Canada
#1 Female Papillon in Canada
High in Trial Sheltie at SSFC Specialty
High in Class Sheltie at SSFC Specialty (littermate to HIT)
Several Rally-O and Performance Titles

Best In National Specialty – Papillon
Best of Opposite Sex at National Specialty – Papillon (son to BISS)
High In Trial at National Specialty (son to BISS)

2008 – 2009
#1 Female Papillon in Canada
#3 Male – #5 Sheltie in Canada
Best In Show

2003 – 2007
#2 Papillon In Canada (5 yrs straight)
#1 Female Papillon In Canada (5 yrs straight)

#1 Male Sheltie in Canada
#2 Sheltie in Canada

Top Sheltie Performance awarded by Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Assoc-

1997 and later
First Sheltie to be the Winner of the Wild Rose Classic Invitational
Several Hit In Trial, High In Class wins
Several Group Wins

5 – Canadian Dual Champion – Shelties
75+– Canadian Champions – Papillon, Shelties and Japanese Spaniels
1 – Australian Champion – Papillon
2 – Tracking Dog – Papillon
3 – Tracking Dog Excellent – Papillon
6 – American Champions – Papillon & Sheltie
Several Performance Titles (Agility, Obedience & Rally-O)
Multi – Best In Show, Best In Specialties, Best Puppy in Specialties and Best Puppy in Show