Show prospect: yes or no?

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Every wonder why some puppies are great in the show ring and other want nothing to do with it?  Every wonder why your great show puppy no longer wants to go to the show?

These are great questions.

Let’s look at the first question.  In most breeds environment can play a major part in the development of the puppies’ confidence. 

Yes confidence.  It is very important for your show prospect to believe that they are the next great show dog.   Sometimes leaving them with adults can be detrimental.  I only leave puppies with adults (unsupervised) that I know will not harm the puppy in anyway.  I know that some believe that the adults teach the puppy manners, but this should have been taught by the mother or siblings, not other dogs.  I do have puppies in with adult dogs, but only under my supervision.  The puppy is also introduced to as many different situations as possible.  This means taking them in car rides, training classes (any kind), visiting friends/family, entered in shows as a 3-6 exhibition only and one and one time with me alone.  If you have 2 puppies this can be to your advantage, because you can play off each other. I teach all of my puppy’s basis obedience (sit, down, stand), watch, target and casual walking on lead.

Let’s look at the second question.  This is where most get into trouble.   Putting too much pressure on the young puppy to perform in the show ring can ruin the puppy for future shows.  If you have done the basis work, you will know when the puppy is giving you the paw or really upset about a situation.  I do not ignore or avoid the situation, but I also have to be fair with the puppy. 

Remember, the ribbon is never worth the happiness of the puppy.  I show a puppy for tomorrow’s shows, not only for today’s.  What I mean by that is, I will sacrifice the win today to insure that my puppy loves the ring tomorrow.

Good Luck to all the New Puppies.