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Show prospect: yes or no?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2011 in Doggy Blog | Comments Off on Show prospect: yes or no?

Every wonder why some puppies are great in the show ring and other want nothing to do with it?  Every wonder why your great show puppy no longer wants to go to the show? These are great questions. Let’s look at the first question.  In most breeds environment can play a major part in the development of the puppies’ confidence.  Yes confidence.  It is very important for your show prospect to believe that they are the next great show dog.   Sometimes leaving them with adults can be detrimental.  I only leave puppies with adults (unsupervised) that I know will not harm the puppy in anyway.  I know that some believe that the adults...

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What makes a great breeder?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2011 in Doggy Blog | Comments Off on What makes a great breeder?

This is a great topic of discussion in any arena, whether it is dog, cat or whatever.  In my years of breeding, I have found a few areas that I believe are an important part of the great breeder. First, the breeder must really understand the bred they are trying to reproduce.  This for some can take years of research.  For some the understanding of the breed comes easy, for others it never really comes to full tuition. To help the new breeder understand, besides reading the breed standard, it would be to their advantage to see as many fellow breeders stock as possible.  This would mean going to see puppies in the beginning stages to full...

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